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Featured Job Seeker - Cherise (Gersie) Kendrick

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I have been working with AbilityLinks for over 10 years, and it has been rewarding, and productive for me. However, after seeing the process of job seekers with disabilities, service providers and employers, I do see the same process and people repeatedly. That does not mean that the people I do work for impress me every day, but they are some people that stand out. I'd like to talk about one that works hard and networks harder than I’ve seen in a while: Gerise Kendrick. 

She is a very active member with ITKAN as well as always professional. Today, AbilityLinks wants to find out more about this excellent IT candidate. If you are an employer or can help Gersie network with an employee who could offer her a paid opportunity please let me know. Besides permanent she is open to temp. contract, internships or externships.  

How did you find your relationship with ITKAN?

I find my relationship with ITKAN helping me grow, introduce me the possibilities and opportunities in the IT field and through ITKAN help me develop as a person through my membership. I expanded my knowledge of IT, and I am very excited to further my career.


What kind of social networking helps you find your ideal position?
The kind of social network that helps me find my ideal position and growing my network is LinkedIn. Here is my LinkedIn profile


What are your strengths and weaknesses in IT?
My strengths are: Assisted Hardware and Software repairs on PCs, Imaged Window Devices using System Configure Center Management, Collaborating IT Tasks ad Projects, and Assisted with Move, Add, Change and Delete end users. My weakness is probably too many task and projects so I learned how to step tasks and projects into smaller parts until they both are completed successfully.


What have you learned recently?
I saw a need for ITKAN membership and I volunteer to become an active member with the Membership Committee. I’ve been asked by the committee to post interesting IT blogs on their WordPress site and I looking forward to interacting with current and new members.


How do you feel working with ITKAN?
From my first meeting, I was very excited to become a member. Over the past year and a half, I have experienced difficulties, but my ITKAN leadership and members support me and keep me moving forward. As a result, I have taken a more active role in ITKAN, so I can support new members.