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Persistence Pays Off

headshot of Morgan Amos smiling

It’s definitely been an interesting journey as I worked my way towards finding employment. Full of uncertainty, silence, and nos. I’ve done countless interviews and have had some close calls. Each opportunity I’ve had has led to memorable lessons which I have applied to other avenues going forward when applying for jobs. I’ll even admit, my faith has been tested during those times. I wondered if and when I would find a job.

Working towards finding employment requires dedication as you spend your time scouring endless career sites. It’s a process that can have a wonderful ending once you’ve found a career. I’ve spent close to a year looking for employment both individually and working with career sites such as AbilityLinks and a career counselor. This process has taught me a lot about myself.

In previous blogs I’ve talked about how being a freelance writer has its pros and cons. Over the course of my seven plus year career, I’ve found it to be rewarding. Don’t get me wrong, there have been difficulties, but the passion and drive I have for my career has brought me an immense amount of happiness. I’ve tapped into writing abilities I never had the opportunity to do one of which has led me to find employment.

I’ve been conducting book reviews for almost two years, and I’ve enjoyed it. I have the opportunity to review fiction and non-fiction books providing fair, honest, and timely reviews. As an avid reader, I feel this is the right fit for me. I found this opportunity via LinkedIn. I was contacted by an employer from a company called Cohesion Staffing. This company was seeking book reviewers to review and write summaries for various books. Having this opportunity also made me realize how significant social media sites like LinkedIn can be during your job search.

If you have a social media profile make sure that it is up-to-date and displays the information that is relevant to your job search. Companies are consistently looking for qualified candidates, so it’s imperative to make sure your social media profile highlights you and your work in the best way possible. It is my hope that for those of you seeking employment that you never give up hope, continue to utilize services such as job sites and career counselors, and that you pay it forward if and when someone inquiries about advice regarding employment.