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You Can’t Make the Same Mistakes while Expecting New Results

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With our low unemployment rate across the board for US citizens, people with disabilities have been seeing results that bring optimism in finding not just a job, but an ideal job. After missing out on an opportunity that you were excited about, rejection seeps in and it is tough for anyone to be rejected.

As you have that sinking feeling of rejection, you are not alone. Many business leaders have been rejected many times with their ideas, only to analyze what can be better in their ideas or even abandoned the idea altogether. When it boils down to is, successful people extract lessons from rejection, not stew about it.

There are many questions you can ask internally that would have made you the best candidate to fill the position.

Have you thought about being fully prepared?

Did you look at things in a good way rather than a great way?

What would you have done differently in the interviews and view exactly where you can make changes.

The only one that can answer these questions is yourself, and you need to accept responsibility that might have been a reason you weren't being hired. When you do this, don't let sadness come your way. Act like a pro and ask your interviewer or contact person about what you could do better next time. It's coming straight from the source and it will do nothing but improve your skills in interviewing.

OK, now you receive this information that is valuable, but do you implement it to the best of your ability? You can’t make the same mistakes while expecting new results. Detail a plan where you can use those tips to your advantage. You'll be much better off.

Finally, don't hold a grudge. Be professional. With these tips, you can take the pain away and learn if you're willing to make the most of it. You can take the strategies and have them work for you.

Good luck!