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Lauren You're an Illini! Why I tried So Hard to Get into Just One College

            Hello AbilityLinks blog readers! I haven’t posted on this blog in quite some time, and I hope this blog post will explain, at least in part, why I’ve been away for so long. As you may remember from my last blog post, I was attending the Illinois Center for Rehabilitation and Education (ICRE) down in the city. This program helped to teach physically disabled young adults independent living skills.

Shouldn't You Be Working? Tools to Stop Procastination.

I am a chronic procrastinator. Does that sound like you, too? Do you frequently open up your Internet browser, intending only to check your "most important" websites, only to suddenly look down and realize four hours have passed and you haven't gotten ANY work done? If so, you're not alone! 

What is the International Day of Acceptance?

Bill O'Connor, editors note: Our intern, Lauren Bryant, discusses this important day for people with disabilities and how it affects those searching for employment.

January 20th is known as Martin Luther King Day, celebrating the Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr. A lesser known fact is that January 20th is also the International Day of Acceptance, a day for all those with disabilities and their loved ones to celebrate acceptance and understanding. 

Tumblr and Your Job Search

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 I'm going to run a little experiment. I want all of you reading this to ask anyone, anyone at all, the following question: “Hey, have you heard of this website called Tumblr?” What was their response?