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Administrative Coordinator - Anesthesiology

Northwestern Medicine
Occupational fields: 
Office and Administrative Support
Employment type: 
Full time
Remote Position: 
Required degree level: 

Anesthesiology - Attending Physicians, Residents and CRNAs
Administrative (Scheduling) Coordinator Job Description
Daily/ Weekly
o Ad Hoc email - morning
• Take photo of daily out times (white board); attach to email
• Record triple/solo/GI/Res OR4 assignments
• Update system with ATC, UNS/SICK, POST, etc.
o Email grid for following day - afternoon
• Google drive (excel and PDF)
o Process/Approve in EZCall and by email
• All vacation and CME requests
• Call trades and shift switches
• Enter roster messages and case request messages
o Check in with Coordinator for staffing needs/UNS approvals and assignment updates
o Email CRNA roster for following day to CSC
o Fill out and submit CRNA case tracking
o Update coordinator triple coverage spreadsheet
o Distribute CRNA breaker rotation list to coordinator
o Meet with Dr. Yaghmour and Mandy (separately) to streamline schedule issues
o Various weekly/monthly/quarterly/FY or AY duties
• Depending on time of year
o Manpower Meeting
• Review agenda items and prepare handouts
o Operations Committee Meeting
• Arrange meeting date with Dr. Tamul
• Collect agenda Items
• Take minutes
o CRNA Staff Meeting
o FML/LOA entry into EZCall and collect UNUM forms
• CRNA - pull PTO balance from Rita/Derek and update PTO/LOA split
• APN - archive UNUM dates of leave and make excel sheet of FML/LOA type
o Email schedule to specific group
• Coordinators (email and prints)
o Amion On-Call update
• Transcribe call schedule from EZCall
• Manage department Amion account, updating staff and calls as needed
o Enter fellow schedules in EZCall
• Neuro
• Pain
• OB3
o Record late call out times
• Create/manage data summary spreadsheet
o Confirm Resident lecture Wednesdays
• Roster message for Resident and Attending mentor
• Additional CRNA staffing
o Monitor negative balance of Attd, Res, Fel UNS/CME days

o CRNA Call Schedule
• Collect any scheduling preference sheet changes
• Approve any 3p or no call requests
• Help Mandy input late hours/call shifts/weekend coverage
• Conflict check of entire month
• Publish and announce call schedule
o Update EZCall with Resident L&D OR/Floor assignments
o Attending Call Schedule
• Input Dr. Hogue's OR days
• Conflict check the Pain Clinic schedule
• Create, input and manage the specialty schedules
• Acute Pain / Blocks
• PreOp
• Feinberg Coordinator

o Input CRNA rotating OFF days
o Input all Resident rotations and CA-1 timelines
o Send EZCall Resident CME/VAC totals for upload
o Send EZCall CRNA set OFF day spreadsheet
o Input Attending set OFF/NU/NMH days
o Send out and collect Holiday call requests
• CCM and Cardiac/Lung
o Input all conference titles on request calendar
o Priority vacations - EZCall
• Attendings
• Send memo announcing rules and due date of 1 st , 2 nd and 3 rd round
• Monitor and clean up rogue requests
• Email staff that priority vacations have been processed
• Announce due date for priority meeting requests entries
• Send email to announce the opening of full vacation schedule (individual days)
• Send memo announcing rules and due date
• Monitor and clean up rogue requests
• Record totals and conflicts on blank excel sheet for each individual
• Check for errors with set/rotating OFF days
• Email staff that priority vacations have been processed
• Send email to announce the opening of full vacation schedule (individual days)
o Resident rotation schedule changes
o EZCall upgrades and improvements
o Schedule CRNA candidate interviews
o Assist Chief CRNAs (Hartman & Morley)
o Add/remove access to Google Grid
o Monitor Google Voice list - Emergency pages
o Update staff availability and profiles in EZCall
o Mass page individual staff groups
o Field all calls/emails re: schedule
o Troubleshoot EZCall questions/issues for all staff


  • Associate's degree.
  • 3-5 years experience in a business office with a strong emphasis on database management and customer service.
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office, PowerPoint and Excel.
  • Ability to organize and think independently.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills.

  • Bachelor of Arts degree or business equivalent.
  • 5 years business experience.

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