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Clinical Educator PNE - Marianjoy, Casual, Days

Northwestern Medicine
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The Marianjoy Allied Health Clinical Educator is responsible for ensuring that staff orientation, development and competency needs are identified, met, and documented within a defined service area. The Clinical Educator anticipates and prioritizes learning needs and employs flexible strategies and scheduling to meet identified needs. The Clinical Educator demonstrates and contributes to achievement of clinical excellence. The Clinical Educator leads and supports change management and contributes to operational goals, strategies, and processes in a defined service area. Depending on clinical discipline/clinical license, provides patient care responsibilities in accordance with standards of practice. Provides safe and effective therapeutic interventions that supports best practice, completes documentation per hospital policy and submits charges in a timely manner. Staff Development: Directly and/or acting as a consultant: Develops, implements, and evaluates education plans for individuals, department, and/or organization. Identifies and anticipates learning needs through use of a variety of sources. (E.g. regulatory and practice standards, quality improvement reports; program evaluations; new policy, procedure or equipment; etc.) and establishes annual and other education goals. Involves learners and key stakeholders in assessment, planning and evaluation of educational experiences. Collaborates with service line leadership to establish annual education goals. Assists with distinguishing between educational needs and process improvement or personal performance issues. Develops purpose and objectives based on identified learner and organizational needs and resources. Develops course or strategy content to meet needs of targeted participants using available resources and appropriate methodologies. Assists with designing educational experiences using a variety of resources and data in compliance with copyright laws. Provides professional and educational opportunities for the staff through in-services, and other educational opportunities. Creates an interactive learning environment for individuals and teams providing a variety of learning methods. Facilitates communication within the organization and across the NM system related to educational needs, offerings and resources/materials. Presents educational experiences within areas of expertise using appropriate technology, strategies and resources that engage learners and either directly or indirectly develop competence. Modifies educational plan, delivery, or materials based on changing environment, technology, or participant abilities. Evaluates effectiveness and/or outcomes of educational experiences based on feedback and objective measures. Maintains, analyzes and reports on records of attendance, competency and continuing education programs. Orientation: Acting as a consultant: Plans, coordinates and evaluates orientation programs to ensure competence to deliver safe care and socialization into the department. As appropriate, collaborates with leaders to identify potential preceptors/mentors to ensure orientation goals are achieved. Competency: Directly and/or acting as a consultant: Develops, implements, and assesses effectiveness of competency plans that that support requirements as defined by Joint Commission, CMS, and other regulatory agencies. Evaluates ongoing learning/competency needs of the staff to ensure the delivery of safe, competent care. In collaboration with department and education leaders, identifies and prioritizes annual competency plan. Works with caregivers within the clinical environment to evaluate competencies, provide direct feedback to staff, demonstrate patient care, and role model best practices. Provides timely, constructive feedback to help staff continuously improve performance. Evaluates the effectiveness of competencies post-implementation in collaboration department leaders through observation, feedback, and review of outcomes data. Clinical Excellence: Directly and/or acting as a consultant, contributes to achievement of clinical excellence, utilizes evidence-based practice, and facilitates research. Uses available evidence, including research data, in the educational process. Assists with integration of new research, learning or process into practice or educational setting. Seeks out innovations in technology, processes or educational methodologies. Stays current with relevant research outcomes, trends in healthcare, changes in laws, regulations and standards and integrates into the development of a practice, policies, and educational activities. Evaluates and tracks the outcomes of educational activities to determine next steps and potential research opportunities. Participates in research activities as appropriate. Leadership, consulting, and change agent: Works with leaders, staff and key stakeholders as a positive change agent to initiate and support progress and the achievement of strategic goals throughout the Northwestern Medicine system. Collaborates with others in the clinical environment and the system to establish priorities, share resources and avoid duplication of effort. Takes initiative to build collaborative working relationships within and between departments. Leads or participates in organizational committees, task forces or projects, which support organizational goals with linkages to education. Uses knowledge of organizational resources to guide decision making. Supports and encourages strategic and critical thinking, new ideas, professional growth, adult learning and open communication. Facilitates the change process among staff. Is an active participant in relevant community based activities, as appropriate. Partners in department and/or organizational operational leadership functions/strategies for the achievement of organization and department outcomes. Establishes effective matrix relationships with department leaders. Considers factors related to cost- effectiveness in educational planning. Other responsibilities as appropriate to role and settings. Academic affiliations: Coordinate clinical education opportunities for schools and universities offering discipline specific programs appropriate to their education certification. Orient and train new employees to the responsibilities of supervision of students. Evaluate associates serving as Clinical Instructors. Orients students to Marianjoy systems and the electronic medical record. Maintains knowledge of policies and procedures concerning precautions, codes, conditions and general safety. Patient Education and Direct Patient Care: May provide clinical oversight for patient and family education materials. As requested, will assist with the provision of direct patient care ( discipline specific). Documentation: May provide clinical oversight of or input into electronic documentation processes, design, and revisions, including: Review of discipline specific documentation to ensure adherence to accepted standards of practice, regulatory requirements, and hospital/discipline policies. Assisting with documentation revisions to reflect standards of practice, regulatory and reimbursement guidelines. May develop and/or implement education related to documentation standards and applications. Miscellaneous: Assumes responsibility for own professional growth by participating in both internal and external educational events, including integration of best practices into clinical practice. Assists manager with maintaining budget and tracking expenditures for department. Keeps updated records and creates reports as requested. AA/EOE.

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