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Cloud Computing Engineer

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Full time
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The Cloud Computing Engineer designs, creates, configures and delivers cloud infrastructure environments for a variety of environments across BCBSA using best practices and business acumen. Thisrole includes all technological aspects associated with cloud computing technology stack, including architecture, security, design, planning, management, maintenance and support. The scope of the roleincludes the extensive knowledge of on-premise (private), off-premise (public) and hybrid cloud models along with cloud implementation service models (IaaS, PaaS and SaaS). The major purpose of this rolewill be mapping of our on-premise databases to cloud database services. Lead/oversee the cloud infrastructure environment construction and implementation during the life cycle of the solutions.Evaluate the success of architecture, network, security and environment designs as they are implemented. Evaluate strengths and flaws in architecture, network, security and environment designsfor continuous improvement. Communicate with management and technical personnel on cloud adoption and usage topics on a continuous basis. May be required to represent EIT in a project as atechnical lead. May be required to coordinate with other EIT personnel.


Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Design cloud infrastructure environments with best practice configurations for a wide variety of systems including databases, web services and messaging systems, and other application support environments. Efficiently translate project requirements from architecture/environment diagrams to formulate appropriate questions to identify and remediate design gaps. Review andanalyze architecture level security solutions at the domain or product level to transform them into cloud infrastructure designs and implementations. Establish strategic relations with key technology vendors in order to influence changes in future product releases. Must have experience with cloud technologies including but not limited to compute, storage, network, databases.
  • Researches and benchmarks best practices and/or products in the area of cloud technologies. Routinely gathers and assesses changing BCBSA business needs. Analyzes and modifies enterprise technology strategy and architecture. Analyzes how business processes interact with technology to create value for the business. Maintains knowledge of cloud technologies, trends, and standards.Provides input to the content of Requests for Information / Proposal (RFI/P) around the BCBSA technology architecture / infrastructure requirements and guiding principles. Conducts trend analyses to track emerging industry trends and technologies. Research, and assist in the piloting the evaluation of new tools, technologies, and/or processes to maintain and enhance the critical system infrastructure.
  • Possesses a thorough understanding of cloud security fundamentals, such as; Encryption, Key Management, Identity to/from the cloud, shared cloud security, logging and monitoring cloud infrastructure. Continually evaluate new cloud infrastructure threats with associated mitigating designs and their impact on IT and Business operations always balancing these needs to develop and implement the best security solutions for the business.
  • Establish cloud computing templates and implementation guidance for applications that leverage IaaS solutions to meet BCBSA use cases. Integrate application design strategies to include the design of loosely coupled cloud resources to allow for a redundant and resilient end user application design. Assist in performance improvements while ensuring security controls are in place protecting the network and data. Work with EIT staff including Enterprise Architect, Delivery teams, core computing and application support team to ensure adequate system performance based on business requirements andindustry best practices.
  • Documentation of cloud design guidelines for both new business applications and the porting of existing BCBSA Business applications to align with a cloud model. Participate and conduct liaison activities in reviewing the application designs, providing recommended alterations to designs, and partnering with enterprise architects to transform current application design principles to be more cloud aligned. Coordinate and/or complete the development of all necessary design documentation associated with cloud service solutions. These are to include all aspects of cloud solutions such as application resiliency,disaster recovery, build book creation, and run book creation.
  • Build credibility with clients and technical staff through the delivery of sound business infrastructure cloud solutions. Consults with business and Enterprise IT Leadership and project staff to fit systems to solutions and identify when it is necessary to modify technical infrastructure to accommodate project needs.
  • Work closely with network and application security engineers to assure BCBSA applications and systems are designed and configured to conform to general and product/application specific security architectures and to the security polices, guidelines and best practices provided by the Business Protection group for the protection of sensitive healthcare data.


Required Basic Qualifications:

  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, Information Security, related discipline or equivalent experience in the field
  • 5+ years or more of enterprise-level Infrastructure consulting or implementation experience
  • Experience with Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Powershell or other automation environments and scriptingtechnologies.
  • Experience migrating workloads from on premise to cloud
  • Networking fundamentals, including VPN configuration
  • Familiarity with Containerization
  • Experience with network technologies and with system, security, and network monitoring tools
  • Experience using AWS CDK for IaC automation
  • Good working knowledge of the technical aspects of:• Application protocols, such as HTTP(S), SMTP, SSL, and DNS• Common applications of cryptography, such as X.509 PKI, PGP, etc.• Knowledge of Active Directory• Security event and log management• Identity and access management• Encryption in the cloud
  • Thorough understanding of the latest security principles, techniques, and protocols

Equal Opportunity Employer

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