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Consumer Experience (CX) Designer

Employment type: 
Full time
Remote Position: 
Required degree level: 

Job Description Summary

At Blue Cross Blue Shield Association the Consumer Experience (CX) team is focused on improving the lives of our 106 million Members and all the humans within the BCBS ecosystem. The CX team uses a human-centered design (HCD) approach to co-create innovative solutions that meet the needs of our members, alongside the business teams responsible for delivering them. As Consumer Experience (CX) Designer, you are a core member of the BCBSA CX team. You are a human-centered design practitioner focused on designing across all channels and touch points of the consumer experience to improve every interaction we have with our members. You will support growing a culture of human centricity by: understanding member needs through direct interactions, building empathy through immersive storytelling, designing innovative solutions through design sprints and workshop facilitation, creating alignment through visual communication, and relationship building, and making the vision a reality through partnering on implementation.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Consumer Experience Design - Support designing holistic, omni-channel, end-to-end consumer experiences. Helping to analyze consumer research and collaboratively translate consumer needs, industry trends, and business insights into opportunities. Connect business, brand and consumer centric goals to formulate strategies and design solutions.
  • Strategic Visual Communication Design - Design assets that inspire business partners and tell the story of how the newly designed experience will transform the lives of consumers and the impact it will have on the business. Use compelling visual storytelling to communicate overall initiatives through use of storyboards, ecosystem designs, wireframes, infographics, video collections and other visually compelling materials.
  • Facilitate Design Sprint / Workshops - Support the planning and facilitation of fast-paced and engaging workshops that inform, align and inspire business partners about the consumer experience. Create memorable experiences for participants. Created experiences that tap into participant empathy, curiosity and subject matter knowledge to support their ideation and design and alignment around next experiences.
  • Uncover Design Needs through Research - Partner on strategy and execution of research (both qualitative and quantitative) to uncover improvement and innovation opportunities in the consumer experience as well as test concepts and/or solutions to ensure they meet and exceed consumer needs. Links business needs to the consumer experience through deep dives into business strategy and operations to inform solutions.
  • Prototype Design - Design low-fidelity concepts of consumer interactions and experiences to help build alignment, understanding and explore design interactions.

Required Education, Certifications and Experience

  • 2+years in Consumer Experience Design/Strategic Visual Communication with an expertise for human-centered design
  • Experience in collaborative environments with an ability to rapidly visually communicate ideas
  • Fluency with Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Power Point, Figma or tools with similar depth
  • Experience in designing and conducting Consumer Experience Immersions.
  • Fluency with Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Power Point or tools with similar depth
  • B/MFA in Design preferred (Design Strategy, Visual Communication, Industrial Design, Interaction Design, Design Research or related field)
  • Empathy and Curiosity - Asking questions and trying to understand the experience of the user and other stakeholders
  • Storytelling and Concept Selling Skills- Strength in using storytelling to share your discoveries, influence business partners and create energy around an idea or an initiative. Ability to pitch concepts in a clear, concise, and compelling way to obtain buy-in and/or funding.
  • Prototyping and concept exploration- Capture and share ideas through prototypes in multiple mediums and levels of interactivity (physical, digital, low and hi-fidelity, tangible and conceptual).  Creative use of technology and alternative approaches

Preferred Education, Certifications and Experience

  • Bachelors/ in Sociology, Consumer Psychology, Anthropology, Behavior Economics
  • Project leadership, planning, execution and pitching
  • UX & Implementation (optional) - A background implementation and launching design solutions
  • A background implementation and launching design solutions
  • Basic coding and editing for digital prototypes and concept exploration

People Management - No

Make an impact on healthcare in America. A career with Blue Cross Blue Shield Association allows you to be part of the foundation that supports the 35 Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies nationwide, while protecting and strengthening the Blue Cross Blue Shield brand. Our work is helping provide greater access to cost-effective healthcare, improve the health of America and build stronger communities. With a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, we celebrate different cultures, languages, backgrounds and experiences while striving to advance health equity, and we want you to join Team BCBSA.

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