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Histotechnologist - Laboratory, Full-time, Evenings

Northwestern Medicine
Employment type: 
Full time
Remote Position: 
Required degree level: 



  • Performs cassette-log reconciliation. Initiates appropriate programs on conventional and microwave tissue processors. Recognizes, resolves, and documents standard processor alarms.
  • Embeds biopsy, routine surgical, and autopsy tissues per SOP. Recognizes adequacy of processing. Identifies and orients tissues correctly. Documents tracking and quality issues on embedding log.
  • Performs and documents routine paraffin block reconciliation. Prioritizes blocks based on established guidelines.
  • Operates microtome per SOP. Determines appropriate block orientation and alignment, knife angles, and settings to obtain representative sections. Recognizes acceptable vs. unacceptable sections; evaluates instances in which specific tissue might require a deviation from standard procedures to insure diagnostic sections are produced. Documents blocks cut in laboratory information system.
  • Operates automated instrumentation to stain and coverslip microscopic slides. Performs manual methods during instrument downtimes. Recognizes, resolves, and documents unacceptable staining and coverslipping results and/or instrument failure.
  • Labels slides, collates with paperwork, and submits to appropriate pathologist or resident. Documents appropriate tracking information.
  • Performs special staining techniques using automated instrumentation and manual methods. Identifies appropriate positive and/or negative controls. Evaluates stains microscopically for acceptable results. Identifies and corrects staining deficiencies. Documents stains and quality issues.
  • Performs and/or assists with gross examination, dissection, and selection of representative tissue for microscopic examination for designated specimens. Verifies that specimen and requisition labeling match prior to examination. Resolves discrepancies prior to gross examination and escalate to supervisor when necessary. Utilizes dictation equipment to document description per procedure. Verifies specimen identify matches cassette identity prior to submission of tissues. Documents cassettes and tissues accurately and legibly on logs and in LIS.
  • Maintains specimen integrity and accurate legible specimen identification throughout all technical and clerical processes.
  • Records all documentation consistently and legibly. Maintains manual and electronic records for easy retrieval of data as necessary. Investigates, escalates, and documents any discrepancies or unresolved issues appropriately.
  • Prioritizes technical workload based on assignment or established priorities, responds effectively to changes in workflow adjusting work to incorporate STAT requests or fluctuations in work volume.
  • Exercises independent judgment in the performance of technical responsibilities. Practices the proficient and safe use of all equipment necessary for the completion of all duties and responsibilities within defined turn-around times.
  • Performs required Quality System responsibilities including initiating "Quality Investigation Reports".
  • Cleans, disinfects, performs, and documents routine equipment and instrument per SOP. Reports equipment or instrument malfunctions appropriately.
  • Maintains a clean and safe work environment to ensure efficient workflow and compliance with all regulatory requirements. Cleans and disinfects laboratory areas per SOP. Performs minor spill cleanup per SOP when necessary.
  • Monitors laboratory inventory to ensure supply levels are appropriate and adequate. Notifies coordinator promptly of any supply issues.
  • Fosters department and laboratory teamwork through effective communication.
  • Participates in Safety and Infection Control activities. Follows all required safety procedures, assumes a proactive role in laboratory safety.
  • Takes initiative for personal development by attending teleconferences, educational sessions, and required meetings, etc
  • B.S. degree in the biological, life sciences, medical laboratory technology, or other related field.
  • Prior work experience in laboratory support or health related experience.
  • HTL (ASCP) certification or HTL (ASCP) eligible. If eligible must take national certifying exam within one year of employment.

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