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Patient Care Technician - Inpatient Oncology, Part-time, Evenings

Northwestern Medicine
Employment type: 
Part Time
Required degree level: 
Vision Accommodations
Hearing Accommodations
Mental Health
Remote Position: 


Part-time, 32 hours per week

four 8 hour shifts



The following examples of work serve only as illustrations of the various types of work performed, but are not all inclusive.

  • Direct Patient Care Activities
    • Assists with admission, transfer, and discharge process.
    • Takes and records temperature, pulse, respirations, weight for adults and/or neonates, height, and blood pressure.
    • Measures and records intake and output including output from drains.
    • Applies cardiac monitor/oximetry.
    • Obtains EKG.
    • Adheres to the infant security protocol (accurate assessment of band placement).
    • Performs normal newborn hearing screening.
    • Obtains capillary blood glucose for adults and/or neonates.
    • Performs phlebotomy.
    • Applies Fetal Monitor equipment on pregnant patients.
    • Discontinues heplocks and foley catheters. Administers enemas.
    • Collects specimens (urine, stool, blood and sputum) on adults and/or neonates. Makes rounds of patients and anticipates their needs and observes newborns in the nursery.
    • Responds to patient call lights in a timely manner, especially emergency lights.
    • Distributes fresh drinking water and nourishments to patients. Prepares patients for meals; assists or feeds patients as necessary. Feeds normal newborns as assigned.
    • Provides morning care, bed baths and evening care according to established Nursing Care Procedures. Provides peri-care to appropriate patients.
    • Provides newborn care to the infant including bath, dressing, obtaining foot prints, assistance with feeding (bottle and breast), glucose checks.
    • Makes occupied and unoccupied beds.
    • Ambulates patients and instructs on walker, cane and crutch walking as appropriate for assigned unit.
    • Assists with pre-and post-operative care; positions patients as ordered; applies special equipment for safety; lifts and turns patients with proper and safe body mechanics and available resources.
    • Applies comfort and safety measures (side rails and call lights).
    • Sets up oxygen and suction equipment and other respiratory equipment for adults and/or neonates.
    • Applies dressings to Stage I and Stage II skin breakdown.
    • Prepares patient room for MD or RN assessment, evaluation, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. Assists with procedures in the normal newborn nursery as directed.
    • Transports patients, equipment and/or supplies during urgent and emergent situations and to front door on discharge.
    • Responds to emergency situations, secures assistance and initiates basic life support.
    • Reports observations and documents appropriately. Promptly notifies RN of any change in patient condition.
    • Performs post-mortem care and transports bodies to the morgue when necessary.
    • Assumes responsibility for the care of patient's prosthetic devices, hearing aides, dentures, eye glasses, etc.
    • Follows established policies, procedures and standards of care in all areas of practice
  • Indirect Patient Care
    • Maintains a safe and clean environment. Duties may include: maintaining temperature logs on, defrosting, and cleaning refrigerator, straightening linen, cleaning utility rooms, cleaning IV poles, cleaning scale, cleaning and returning equipment to SPD, replacing and disposing of soiled linen bags.
    • Performs duties delegated by the RN to facilitate patient care and the efficient operations of the assigned patient care unit.
    • Collects and inventories patient belongings on admission, transfer and discharge.
    • Completes charges using appropriate documentation.
    • Orders supplies on-line or appropriate requisitions and stocks in appropriate location.
    • Obtains necessary equipment and supplies to facilitate patient care.
    • Assures room readiness for incoming patients.
    • Checks designated equipment for proper functioning.
    • Counts instruments and sterile trays sent and received from SEP as appropriate for assigned unit.
    • Stocks and removes linen from patient rooms.
    • Sets up and breaks down delivery table.
    • Participates in staff meetings.
    • Demonstrates cost effective approach to patient care in terms of equipment, supplies and other resource use.
    • Participates in quality improvement activities.
    • Participates in daily/weekly/monthly QC's.
    • Participates in orientation of new staff.
    • Performs related duties as assigned.
    • Uses established communication channels to resolve work related problems.
    • Understands and consistently demonstrates principles of "Patient's First" philosophy.
    • Carries out assigned tasks and activities on a shift basis, as delegated by the RN.
    • Assumes responsibility for meeting mandatory requirements.

Additional Responsibilities

  • As requested/necessary based on unit needs.



Required :

• CNA Certification or currently enrolled in SON who has successfully completed basic clinical rotations.

• CPR recognition by the American Heart Association (BLS for Healthcare Providers).

• Minimum of 90% correct on annual mandatory Health and Safety Training quizzes.

• Unit based recognition for Capillary Blood Glucose Monitoring.

• High school diploma required.

Preferred :

• Associates or Bachelor's degree.

• One year of college or nursing education or equivalent experience preferred.

Previous experience in a health care setting preferred with a demonstrated ability to relate to patients, family, nursing and medical staff.

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