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Press Assistant 2

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Job Description
Set up, adjust, operate, and maintain a gravure press or single or multi-color offset press to print single-color, two-color, and/or multi-color work which includes large solids, screen tints, line and halftones with critical color values and registration requirements ranging from hairline to critical or operate similarly situated equipment that applies a variety of non-ink based coatings to a paper web or sheet stock. Review job specifications to determine the press setup according to the imposition of the run (sheet wise or work and turn). Perform all make-ready tasks associated with the type of press operated such as hanging plates or installing cylinders, examine plates/cylinders for imperfections and checks for correct positioning of images, prepping blankets, adjusting tension and register etc. Make necessary color corrections and/or press adjustments prior to production run to meet and maintain the quality specifications of the work. Clean, lubricate, and maintain the press, making minor repairs and replacing worn or broken parts as required. Performs periodic maintenance recommended by the manufacturer.

Requires thorough knowledge of offset printing procedures, materials and specifiactions, equipment, and safety requirements and skills to perform assignments. Skill to read and understand job specifications and knowledge of press capabilities to determine the most appropriate press usage, press settings and materials needed to run the job successfully. Skill to make a variety of difficult precise settings of controls, settings, and adjustments, and to perform routine operational maintenance of equipment. Skill in routine operational maintenance and minor repairs to equipment. Knowledge of the appropriate amount of packing pressure needed to obtain the proper printing pressure for the type of job being run. Skill in use of micrometer to mount and align the printing plate correctly.

Required Skills

Required Experience

  • Minimum of 2 years experience as an Assistant Press Operator on a multi color press. Good understanding of press mechanics, register and guides.
  • Must be able to operate and troubleshoot feeder and delivery sections.
  • With or without an accommodation must be able to lift and handle materials of 50+ lbs, while pushing, pulling, reaching, lifting and twisting; and must be able to stand continually with frequent bending, climbing and squatting.
  • Ability to work in a team environment, be reliable and have excellent attention to detail.
  • Ability to work all shifts and overtime as required based upon production demands.
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RR Donnelley
Employment type: 
Full time
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