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Radiation Safety Officer-Full-time, Days

Northwestern Medicine
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Full time
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The Radiation Safety Officer reflects the mission, vision, and values of NM, adheres to the organization's Code of Ethics and Corporate Compliance Program, and complies with all relevant policies, procedures, guidelines and all other regulatory and accreditation standards.

The Radiation Safety Officer is responsible for the design/development, implementation, coordination, evaluation and continuous improvement of the radiation and laser safety programs at NMHC. Responsibilities include general surveillance of overall activities and areas in which radioactive materials/radiation sources and laser equipment are used, determination of compliance with rules and regulations, authorized user and research project approval as specified by the Radiation Safety Committee, consultation on radiation protection with department radiation safety liaisons, determination of need and evaluation of personnel monitoring, and implementation of instructional programs on safe procedures in the use of radiation sources. This role has the authority to take immediate corrective action whenever conditions exist that pose acute threat to life or health or damage to equipment or building.

  • Ensure that licensed material possessed by the licensee is limited to the kinds, quantities, and forms listed on the license.
  • Ensure personnel training is conducted and is commensurate with the individuals' duties regarding licensed materials.
  • Ensure that refresher training is at least annually and informed of all regulatory changes and deficiencies identified during annual audits or IEMA inspections.
  • Ensure personnel monitoring devices are used as required. Review in a timely manner all reports of personnel exposures.
  • Ensure that radioactive material is properly secured against unauthorized removal at all times when material is not in use.
  • Ensure that proper authorities are notified in case of accident, damage, fire, or theft.
  • Ensure that audits are performed at least annually to ensure that:
    • The licensee is abiding by IEMA and DOT regulations and the terms and conditions of the license
    • The licensee's radiation protection program content and implementation achieve occupational doses and doses to members of the public are ALARA
    • The licensee maintains the required records with all required information sufficient to comply with IEMA requirements
  • Ensure that results of audits or inspections, identification of deficiencies, and recommendations for change are documented, provided to management for review and maintained. Ensure prompt action is taken to correct proficiencies.
  • Ensure that all incidents, accidents, and personnel exposure to radiation more than ALARA levels are investigated and reported to the Radiation Safety Committee and IEMA and are within the required time limits.
  • Ensure that licensed material is transported in accordance with all applicable DOT requirements
  • Ensure that all licensed material is disposed of properly.
  • Ensure that the facility has up-to-date copies of IEMA regulations, completing a review of new or amended IEMA regulations and revising licensee procedures, as needed, to comply with IEMA regulations.
  • Ensure that the license is amended whenever there are changes in licensed activities, responsible individuals, or information or commitments provided to IEMA in the licensing process.
  • Identify, develop, and maintain operations procedures regarding the safe handling, administration, and storage of laser equipment.
  • With departmental liaisons, assure regulatory compliance with radiation generating equipment and the locations where the equipment is to be used, including adequacy of shielding, compliance testing, and support of commissioning efforts for all new diagnostic X-ray equipment.
  • Oversee the lead apron/other protective garment integrity process
  • Design and evaluate instructional programs to train personnel in safe procedures which apply to the use of radiation sources, radiation monitoring badges, laser equipment and other related issues.
  • Ensure 24/7 availability to respond to radiation emergency situations/events.
  • Evaluate the radiation and laser safety programs at least annually, document findings and review with the Radiation Safety Committee. Ensure that effective corrective actions are developed, implemented, and documented if violations of regulations, or license or registration conditions, or program procedures are identified.
  • Responsible for all radiation safety aspects of patients receiving therapeutic amounts of radiation by supervising the preparation and use of rooms where radioactive materials are used for therapeutic purposes, ensuring adequacy of shielding, providing safety support and instruction to the nursing staff, and determining when patients may be released from special precautions as required to ensure safety of the general public and maintain regulatory compliance.
  • The Radiation Safety Officer has the authority to suspend any activity involving the use of radioactive material or x-ray producing equipment that poses a serious threat to the health or safety of a worker or member of the general public, or that would violate the facilities radioactive material license or IEMA regulations for radiation protection.
  • Collaborates as appropriate with principal investigators of hospital related-research projects.



  • MS in Health Physics or Medical Physics or equivalent with 6 years of experience in a clinical setting.
  • Meets all regulatory requirements for State of Illinois to hold designation of Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) for applicable radiation licenses held by NMHC.


  • Board-eligible by the American Board of Radiology in one or more areas of medical physics or certification by the American Board of Medical Physics in one or more areas.

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