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AbilityLinks Newsletter - April 2018

AbilityLinks Newsletter - April 2018


Webinar Invitation - Setting Up Your AbilityLinks Resume for a Successful Job Search

Recruiters view resumes for an average of only six seconds. An incomplete resume or one that has common mistakes can quickly eliminate you from further consideration. You’re invited to join us April 12th for a free 1-hour resume webinr. Learn how to complete the AbilityLinks resume form accurately and avoid common resume mistakes. You'll also learn how to set up job alerts and use AbilityLinks to apply for jobs. REGISTER NOW!

Target Audience

Job seekers that have created an AbilityLinks account but did not complete a resume, job seekers that want to improve their AbilityLinks resume, and job seekers and others that are new to AbilityLinks will benefit most from attending this webinar. REGISTER NOW!

AbilityLinks connects a dynamic talent pool of job applicants with disabilities to a network of employers that value disability inclusion. A key way we do this is ask job seekers with disabilities to use AbilityLinks to post resumes and apply for jobs.

Epilepsy and a Career as a Software Engineer:

Making It Work

Drew Haubrich has epilepsy and a successful career as a software developer/engineer. He recently shared his story with AbilityLinks. Drew speaks plainly about growing up with epilepsy - the medical and emotional aspects of the disability - and how he managed his disability in college and throughout his professional career.

Drew also speaks about his job search, his approach to voluntary disclosure and how others reacted to his need for accommodation.

"I learn things differently, a little slow, takes longer, got 3.0 in school, need someone that is willing to work with me. If they can accept me that way then I'm interested, if not then I'm not interested." Read more.

If Disability Is Part of You, Should It Be Part of the Job Interview?

Disability is one part of who a person is just like a person's race, gender and ethnicity. While employers can't ask about disability, job seekers who demonstrate acceptance and comfort with having a disability may bring those attitudes to the job interview.

Job seekers that use common interview questions to assertively manage the impression disability makes can demonstrate that disability is not a barrier, but can be a workplace asset. Read more.

Featured Job Seekers

Recruiters and employers, please take a look at these stand out job seekers who have technical, professional and administrative support skills.

Learn more about the skill sets and interests of these talented candidates, and how AbilityLinks can help you reach out to them.

AbilityLinks Staff Named to ADA 25 2018 Fellows Class

Congratulations AbilityLinks Information and Referral Counselor Bill O’Connor for being named to the 2018 Fellows Class of ADA 25 Advancing Leadership!

“Although people with disabilities are our neighbors, co-workers, classmates, family and friends, they rarely play a visible leadership role at tables of power and influence in Chicago,” says Emily Harris, Executive Director of ADA 25 Advancing Leadership.

The mission of ADA 25 Advancing Leadership, now three years old, is to build a pipeline and network of leaders with disabilities who are deeply engaged in the civic life of the Chicago region and advancing in their careers.

Bill says he is honored to be named to the Fellows program and looks forward to the opportunities it presents. Read more.


About AbilityLinks

Created in 2001 and dedicated to helping persons with disabilities find jobs, AbilityLinks is a web-based program of Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital, part of Northwestern Medicine. Learn More.

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