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Social Security Uses AbilityLinks to Source Candidates with Disabilities

The SSA Human Resource team in the Chicago office regularly reviews the Abilitylinks resume database for potential candidates, especially for temp to hire positions. AbilityLinks Counselors alert social security recruiters to qualified AbilityLinks candidates on an ongoing basis.

Recently, three Abilitylinks job seekers have been recruited by the SSA Chicago Regional Office. After being hired as a temp, Ms. Pieniawas was offered a permanent position based on excellent job performance. "I'm pleased that SSA has developed a relationship with AbilityLinks and proud that we're a useful tool for finding candidates with disabilities that can do the job. It's great that Ms. Pieniawas is doing so well," Ms. Duvall said.

Ms. Pieniawas was born with mild Cerebral Palsy and receives job placement assistance from the Illinois Department of Rehabilitation Services (DRS). “AbilityLinks and DRS have a long standing relationship that I’m proud of,” said Ken Skord, AbilityLinks Program Director.” DRS Counselors encourage their customers who are looking for work to post their resume on AbilityLinks and contact us. It’s nice to see when the connections we facilitate and job search assistance we provide make a difference.” Mr. Skord went on say.

If you’re looking for work and have a disability you can post your resume on AbilityLinks. If you would like a free job search consultation, contact Ms. Duvall at or 630/909-7443, or Mr. Bill O'Connor at or 630/909-7444.