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Advocate Health Care

Advocate Health Care takes a wholistic view of health care. That means treating the whole person. And we believe the best way to treat the whole person is through an integrated system of care.

What exactly does “system” or “network” mean?

In literal terms, Advocate Health Care is a collection of hospitals, medical groups, home health services and a network of outpatient centers. There are more than 200 sites of care. In fact, Advocate Health Care is the largest integrated health care system in Illinois.

In the bigger picture, our “system” is more about an approach to care. There is a shared vision. Our system exists to provide a full spectrum of care, from preventative to palliative care.

As just one example, Advocate Physician Partners' integrated approach has achieved nationally ranked outcomes for our chronic disease management programs. In the areas of diabetes, asthma and heart disease, our approach is adding years and improving the quality of life for patients.

The Advocate Health Care system was created to provide better quality care. It’s a common mission. With uncommon results.

3075 Highland Parkway
Suite 600
Downers Grove, IL 60515
United States