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Service Provider profile for The Chicago Lighthouse

The Chicago Lighthouse

The Chicago Lighthouse is a world-renowned social service organization serving the blind, visually impaired, disabled and Veteran communities. Recognized as a pioneer in innovation since 1906, The Chicago Lighthouse provides vision rehabilitation services, education, employment opportunities and assistive technology for people of all ages.

We help our clients build valuable skills, reach professional goals and develop strategies for career advancement, while helping employers implement practices that are inclusive of people with disabilities.

Our social enterprises provide meaningful career opportunities for individuals facing barriers to employment, while earning revenues to supplement Chicago Lighthouse programs and services.

Our education programs help children and students learn to meet developmental and educational milestones, build supportive relationships, and fully participate in their communities.

We help our clients maximize independent functioning through programs that build confidence, provide social interaction and teach lessons in daily living.

Our team of specialists provides access to cutting-edge technology, assistive devices and independent living aids to help individuals with visual impairments live life to the fullest.

Our vision care services are designed to nurture and empower patients at every stage of vision loss. We strive to create a warm therapeutic relationship between our patients and practitioners.

1850 W Roosevelt Road
Chicago, IL 60608
United States
Provider Type: 
Service Provider Organization that offers job training, placement, education, and community resources to individuals with disabilities.