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Anderson County Disabilities and Special Needs Board

The Walgreens Employment Project is an integral part of the Walgreens Initiative designed to offer people with disabilities a hands-on training environment to prepare them for potential employment at the Walgreens Distribution Center.

The training program is free for those who qualify for services with one of the agency partners. While it does not guarantee someone a job at Walgreens, it does give them the necessary skills and training to help them successfully compete for employment.

What does the training process involve?

The training program is composed of three areas: Workstation Concepts, Soft Skills Curriculum and Productivity.

Workstation Concepts: Training is done on simulated workstations on three specific jobs: Case Check In, Detrash and AKL. The trainee is taught the essential job functions for that workstation, according to the training manual, and is expected to demonstrate the ability to perform all tasks involved.

Soft Skills: The Soft Skills curriculum is an eleven module training course that covers social skills as relates to the work environment.

Topics in the curriculum include:

Being a Team Player, Following Directions and Responding to Positive and Constructive Feedback.

Productivity: Trainees are expected to demonstrate an ability to meet the productivity rate required for the particular workstation they train on. Rate is measured through a series of time trials which helps trainers assess whether or not the trainee would be able to maintain rate on the job.



214 McGee Road
Anderson, SC 29625
United States
Provider Type: 
Service Provider Organization that offers job training, placement, education, and community resources to individuals with disabilities.