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Accessibility Checklist

How Do I Know If My Worksite Is Accessible?

The following questions will help you determine the accessibility of your work site. Sources of additional and more detailed information are provided at the end.

  • Are there designated parking spaces for persons with disabilities that are close to the entrance of the worksite?
  • Is there a pathway without abrupt level changes or steps that leads from the parking area to the entrance?
  • If ramps are used to provide access, are they appropriately graded and are handrails provided?
  • Are the doors wide enough (36 inches) for people using wheelchairs? Are they easy to open (e.g., not excessively heavy, with easily grasped handles, or automatic)?
  • Is the personnel office in an accessible location?
  • Are pathways to the bathroom, water fountain, and public telephone accessible? Can people with disabilities use them?
  • Are elevators accessible to all persons with disabilities (e.g., control panels lower than 54 inches from the floor, raised symbols or numbers on the control panels)?
  • Is all signage appropriate and accessible for persons with visual, learning, and cognitive disabilities (including the use of symbols and graphics)?
  • Does the emergency warning system include both audible and visual alarms?

More Accessibility Information
ADA requirements technical assistance

U.S. Department of Labor, Office of Disability Employment Policy (OFCCP)
(202) 376-6200 (VOICE)
(202) 376-6205 (TTY/TTD)
(202) 376-6219 (FAX)

U.S Department of Labor, Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs
1-866-4-USA-DOL (1-866-487-2365) (VOICE)
1-877-889-5627 (TTY)

Job Accommodation Network (JAN)
(800) 526-7234 (VOICE/TTY/TTD)
(304) 293-5407 (FAX)
[email protected] (EMAIL)

Disability and Business Technical Assistance Centers (DBTACs)
(800) 949-4232 (VOICE/TTY/TTD)
(703) 525-6835 (FAX)

United States Access Board
(800) 872-2253 (VOICE)
(202) 272-5449
(800) 993-2822 (TTY/TTD)
(202) 272-5447 (FAX)