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It’s definitely been an interesting journey as I worked my way towards finding employment. Full of uncertainty, silence, and nos. I’ve done countless interviews and have had some close calls. Each opportunity I’ve had has led to memorable lessons which I have applied to other avenues going forward when applying for jobs. I’ll even admit, my faith has been tested during those times. I wondered if and when I would find a job.

Working towards finding employment requires dedication as you spend your time scouring endless career sites. It’s a process that can...

Previously, I spoke with Kelly Pavich at the Bridges From School To Work with the Marriott Foundation. The relationship has grown since 2016 and our dual relationship with ITKAN has developed even stronger.

In our next discussion with Bridges, we chat with Emily Daw, who brings candidates forward to employers that are productive and diverse.

Thanks for your time Emily. Can we talk a little more about Bridges? 

Bridges from School to Work started in 1989 as part of the Marriott Foundation for People with Disabilities. This is Marriott’s way of...

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October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM)! According to the Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP) NDEAM dates back to 1945, when Congress declared the first week in October National Employ the Physically Handicapped Week.

Learn more about the evolution of NDEAM and other landmark disability legislation and events in this interactive timeline.

While progress has occurred since people with disabilities were referred to as handicapped much more work needs to be done to create employment opportunities so, join AbilityLinks in celebrating National...

The opportunity for people with disabilities to become leaders in the workplace is a chance not to show your skills, but to provide a team with insight, confidence and excellent networking in the city of Chicago. When the inaugural group of the ADA25 Advancing Leadership program was launched 2 years ago, I saw such a great opportunity for people with disabilities and the civic engagement community to learn from each other, and the chance to learn about all facets of diversity.

The Chicago Community Trust diversity pipeline does not just talk about people with disabilities, but...

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With our low unemployment rate across the board for US citizens, people with disabilities have been seeing results that bring optimism in finding not just a job, but an ideal job. After missing out on an opportunity that you were excited about, rejection seeps in and it is tough for anyone to be rejected.

As you have that sinking feeling of rejection, you are not alone. Many business leaders have been rejected many times with their ideas, only to analyze what can be better in their ideas or even abandoned the idea altogether. When it boils down to is, successful people extract...

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Hello Everyone,

I know it has been some time since I’ve posted a blog post, but I’m back and ready to discuss my experience with attending my first discussion panel focusing on inclusion for people with disabilities within the work place. The purpose of this panel was to highlight three different individuals who have disabilities, and for them to provide the attendees from various companies and organizations with insight into their experiences, as well as how these companies and or organizations can work with a potential employee with a disability to ensure that both...

Lauren Bryant

Lauren Bryant is a University of Illinois student who volunteered as an AbilityLinks blogger this summer. I was pleased to supervise Lauren and serve as her editor. Here is Lauren's final blog post of the summer. - Bill O'Connor

In the interest of being completely honest with the readers of this blog, I’m going to make a confession: I have trouble focusing on work more often than not. I am a chronic multitasker: usually those other tasks are not work related.



Morgan Amos

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Hello Everyone,

I am back, and felt the need to write this blog post after much needed time to reflect on the past month regarding various avenues within my life including my career. I also took a second to read back over my previous posts for AbilityLinks, because whenever I write something my intent is to not only strive to help someone else with the information or experience I am writing about, but to also learn and apply that information within my life as well. 

Furthermore, I want...