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AbilityLinks Virtual Job Fair FAQ

AbilityLinks is hosting a virtual job fair Tuesday, March 25 to Thursday, March 27, 2014, one of three virtual job fairs scheduled for 2014. Here are some answers to common questions employers, service providers and persons with disabilities have about the job fair.


Is there a fee?


No. Job fair registration is free for job seekers and employers. Businesses that would like to support the event and display their logo and name on job fair pages are encouraged to become sponsors. Job fair sponsorship is $1,500.


Where is the job fair?


This is an online event only on the website. It is not an in person event in a specific city and state.


How do job seekers participate?


Post or update a resume on AbilityLinks and then fill out the job fair sign up. During the job fair log onto to view job fair jobs, apply for jobs and chat with employers. Click link to sign up for the job fair.

When are employers online to chat?


Employers and service providers designate mornings and afternoons that they are scheduled to be online. During the job fair, logon to AbilityLinks to see that day’s chat schedule.


What are the names of the employers participating in the job fair?


Most AbilityLinks Job Fairs have 20 or more employers from the Chicago area and other regions of the country. The list of participating employers will be on the AbilityLinks website about one week before the job fair starts. 


How do employers participate?


Post a current job opening(s) on AbilityLinks and fill out the sign up form. The sign up form includes a company description website link, the times and day(s) you are available to chat with job seekers. If you put an email address on your posting, job fair candidates will be able to send you their resumes. Click link to register.


Do employers have to participate in chat?


It is not required but AbilityLinks encourages you to. It is a way to identify and network with candidates that have disabilities. A limited number of chat licenses are available, no charge.  About 2 weeks before the job fair you will be given chat login information and instructions.


What is the registration deadline?


Registration remains open throughout the job fair. If you are an employer or service provider that wants to chat with job seekers, only a limited number of licenses are on a first come first service basis.


Where are most of the job fair job seekers from and what types of occupations do they represent?


Job seekers are from all regions of the country. The largest numbers of job fair resumes come from the Chicago area.  AbilityLinks job seekers span all occupation types and skill levels for unskilled to professional and technical.


How do service providers (job training, job placement programs) participate in the job fair?


Service providers can participate two ways:


1)    Post resumes for job seekers. You can list your agency as the contact for the resume or encourage job seekers you work with to post their own resumes.

2)    You can use the job fair to recruit job seekers for your program by filling out a job posting form and tailoring it to be an Ad for your program and services. Click link to see an example.  

Click link to register.

Privacy and an important warning and information about job scams.


If you want to protect your privacy only put an email address on your resume. Think about using an email address that does not have your name in it, you check often and only use for job search. Be wary of suspicious job offers that sound too good to be true. Read more.



I hope this FAQ answers your questions and I hope you can join us for the job fair. Contact us if you have more questions about the job fair, need help with registering or want more information.