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In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, it's crucial to ensure that everyone, regardless of ability, can fully participate and engage with online content and technologies. That's why Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD), celebrated annually on the third Thursday of May, holds significant importance. At AbilityLinks, we are proud advocates for inclusivity, and we're excited to shine a spotlight on GAAD this week.


Understanding Global Accessibility Awareness Day:

Office Space

In today's workplaces, fostering inclusivity is key to success. Job accommodation processes play a vital role in ensuring all employees, regardless of limitations, can contribute effectively. This article explores the importance of such processes and offers insights into setting them up successfully, emphasizing proactive planning and clear communication. AbilityLinks is committed to fostering inclusive workplaces nationwide and helping employers ensure they have a proper accommodation process. We interviewed Anne Hirsh, the Program Leader at the Job Accommodation Network (JAN), to provide expert guidance on this critical aspect of workplace diversity and accessibility. By embracing job accommodations, organizations can create environments where everyone can thrive.


Work Opportunity Tax Credit

AbilityLinks is excited to share information about the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC), a great incentive for employers who hire employees with disabilities and Veterans.

The WOTC is a federal tax credit that can save employers a significant amount of money associated with hiring and training new employees. To qualify for the credit, employers must simply hire individuals who belong to one of the several targeted groups, including people with disabilities and Veterans.

If you're an employer, we encourage you to check out the WOTC. It's a great way to save money while also supporting underrepresented groups.

Here are a few tips for employers utilizing the WOTC for employees with disabilities and/or Veterans:

3 Members of Avnet's Veteran ERG Group Maveric

As Veterans Day approaches, we have the privilege of sitting down with three remarkable individuals, Kevin Hysell, Paul Starr, and Kelly Hughes, at Avnet who have served their country with unwavering dedication and sacrifice. Click here to listen to the full interview on Spotify


Kevin Hysell

US Army 1980 – 1988

Utilities Equipment Repair


Sales Associate for the Mid-Atlantic team. His team oversees the Carolinas, up to the coast, parts of Pennsylvania, and parts of New York.


Paul Starr

US Marine Corps 1994 – 1998

5 panelist- Stephanie Salentine, Luanne Welch, Kate Beck, Brentley Wright, and John D. Kemp

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month. AbilityLinks partnered up with The Diversity Movement to host the "Breaking Barriers: Achieving Workplace Excellence through Disability Inclusion" webinar!


In this event, you will hear from leaders in the disability community covering topics such as...- the importance of disability inclusion,- ways to become a more supportive employer,- benefits of having diverse workforce,- and more!


AbilityLinks logo + Amazon logo


To build a diverse and inclusive workforce, employers across industries are seeking innovative solutions to connect with talented individuals from all walks of life. One success story emerges from the partnership between AbilityLinks and Amazon, a global e-commerce and technology giant. This case study dives into how Amazon, through its collaboration with AbilityLinks, has successfully enhanced its hiring landscape to become more inclusive and welcoming to individuals with disabilities.


Psychologist Filling Out Form

Today is National Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Awareness Day. Our Client Success Manager, Kate Beck, and Associate, Alex Robertson, had the pleasure of sitting down with Dr. Jessica Hamblen to ask about PTSD, symptoms associated with PTSD, treatment options, and advice for employers to better support employees experiencing PTSD. Dr. Hamblen is a clinical psychologist, the Deputy for Education at the National Center for PTSD, and an associate professor at the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth. Our team appreciates both Dr. Hamblen and Peggy Willoughby, the Director of Communications at the Department of Veteran Affairs, for taking time to answer our questions and help our audience better understand and support people with PTSD.


Two women sitting at desk and one is a a wheelchair and they are using the computer

41.1 million individuals in America identify as having a disability according to the latest census.

3 women sitting at table with medical masks on

The purpose of the “5-minute check” is to evaluate your company’s accessibility and inclusion. This checklist will help you determine which elements are missing and need to add. These elements showcase your efforts to embrace and value hiring individuals with disabilities. Completing this checklist will allow applicants to apply with ease!



1. Do you have an inclusion statement?

Hands Handing Resume

This week’s job seeker resource is on tips to make your resume stand out and how to upload it to AbilityLinks! The first step in securing your dream job is creating a professional resume. Your resume is a great way to showcase your skills, previous work experience, education, benefits you bring employers, and more. Having a great resume will help match you to the position and potentially lead to an interview. Following these tips will help advance your resume and not be overlooked.

10 tips to follow that will make your resume stand out!


This week’s blog post is about CEOs who are redefining what leadership looks like through disability inclusion and advocacy. This article includes an overview of CEOs with physical, visual, auditory, mental, learning, and neurodiversity disabilities. Enjoy!


This week’s blog post is on B Corporations (B Corp) which are leaders using business for good. They redefine success by being more inclusive and sustainable. This article includes an overview of what a B Corp is, its impact, and companies creating a global cultural shift. This is our fourth post for this month’s blog series on user accessibility and company compliance!


What is a B Corporation?

Hands Typing on Laptop

This week’s blog post is on ways to improve website accessibility. This article is full of tips on features to add and ways to make your website 100% user-friendly. This is our third post for this month’s blog series on user accessibility and company compliance!



Judge Pounding Their Gavel

Ok first a BIG legal DISCLAIMER – This Post is not legal advice. And I’m not an attorney.

All content is intended for general information only. This should not be construed as legal advice and may not be applicable to your particular situation. Before taking any action based on this website, you should consider your personal situation and seek professional advice. Oh yeah, no attorney-client relationship is created unless and until a binding written engagement letter is signed by both you and your attorney.

AbilityLinks is excited to announce this month’s blog series on user accessibility and company compliance! Stay tuned for a 4-part blog series diving into minimizing legal risk, issues with the lack of accessibility, how to improve accessibility, and more!


What is Accessibility?

Simply put, accessibility is the action of making a website functional for all users. One’s ability plays a major role in their capability to use a website to its full extent. All users deserve an equal opportunity regardless of their condition. As an employer, when you make an extra effort towards incorporating better accessibility you demonstrate high moral standards and integrity.