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Tips to Make Your Resume Stand Out & How to Upload It to AbilityLinks!

Hands Handing Resume

This week’s job seeker resource is on tips to make your resume stand out and how to upload it to AbilityLinks! The first step in securing your dream job is creating a professional resume. Your resume is a great way to showcase your skills, previous work experience, education, benefits you bring employers, and more. Having a great resume will help match you to the position and potentially lead to an interview. Following these tips will help advance your resume and not be overlooked.

10 tips to follow that will make your resume stand out!


  1. Keep it brief and to the point- make it simple and easy to read
  2. Use a professional font
  3. Put the most relevant and important information first
  4. Think beyond the job duties- showcase your accomplishments
  5. Use power words and active language- “achieved”, “led”, “chaired”, “accelerated”, etc.
  6. Include numbers- showcase your accomplishments as a measurable value
  7. Include keywords from job postings you are interested in- this will help match your skills
  8. Use appropriate margins
  9. Proofread and edit- Grammarly is a free online service you can use to proofread!
  10. Include 3 to 4 references- don’t say available upon request


After you create your resume, uploading it to AbilityLinks is the next step! This will help employers learn more about you! Follow these steps to upload your resume:


  1. Log in to go to your ability links account,
  2. Click “my account”,
  3. Click “edit”
  4. Scroll to “resume information”,
  5. Find “add a new file”,
  6. Click “choose file”,
  7. Select the document you would like to upload,
  8. Click save and
  9. Begin applying!