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BioScan Tek

Disability Owned Business

BioScan Tek, Inc. is based in Wheaton, IL.  We provide both mobile and on location livescan fingerprinting, background checks and photography.  We can do a small training class, large group class or individuals. We also offer Child Safety ID kits with your child's infomation on a CD or USB Flash drive for you to secure.  

We began offering services at our company headquarters in Wheaton, IL in 2012 and are now offering livescan fingerprinting services in cities throughout Illinois.

Our staff is comprised of a knowledgeable, experienced and caring group of people focused on providing the best experience possible for our customers.

You can trust that our staff of professionals will offer you a great service at a fair price.


Service Provider Organization that offers job training, placement, education, and community resources to individuals with disabilities.

Clearbrook is committed to being a leader in creating innovative opportunities, services and supports for people with disabilities.  With a staff of 900+ and more than 50 locations across Chicagoland, Clearbrook is proud to report that 92 percent of every dollar raised goes directly into our programs and services.

What began modestly as a small group of parents in Rolling Meadows hoping to establish a “school for their special needs children” has expanded significantly to reflect the current needs of families with children diagnosed with developmental delays, as well as adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities, most notably those with Autism Spectrum Disorder.




We serve people over a range of ages and disabilities from children diagnosed with developmental delays at birth to the unique needs of seniors with disabilities and all ages in between.

Quick Facts

  • Supports over 8,000 individuals and their families annually
  • Serves 15 counties in over 160 communities in Chicago, the suburbs, and northern Illinois.
  • Provides services at over 50 locations.
  • Employs over 900 full-and part-time staff.
  • Is the largest provider in the state of Illinois of home-based services.
  • Has an administrative overhead of 8% – well below the industry standard of 15-25%.
  • Is licensed, certified and/or accredited by the Illinois Department of Human Services and the Illinois Department of Public Health, SourceAmerica and the US Department of Labor.
  • Receives approximately 70% of our funding from the government.

The Chicago Lighthouse

Service Provider Organization that offers job training, placement, education, and community resources to individuals with disabilities.

The Chicago Lighthouse is a world-renowned social service organization serving the blind, visually impaired, disabled and Veteran communities. Recognized as a pioneer in innovation since 1906, The Chicago Lighthouse provides vision rehabilitation services, education, employment opportunities and assistive technology for people of all ages.

We help our clients build valuable skills, reach professional goals and develop strategies for career advancement, while helping employers implement practices that are inclusive of people with disabilities.

Our social enterprises provide meaningful career opportunities for individuals facing barriers to employment, while earning revenues to supplement Chicago Lighthouse programs and services.

Our education programs help children and students learn to meet developmental and educational milestones, build supportive relationships, and fully participate in their communities.

We help our clients maximize independent functioning through programs that build confidence, provide social interaction and teach lessons in daily living.

Our team of specialists provides access to cutting-edge technology, assistive devices and independent living aids to help individuals with visual impairments live life to the fullest.

Our vision care services are designed to nurture and empower patients at every stage of vision loss. We strive to create a warm therapeutic relationship between our patients and practitioners.


Service Provider Organization that offers job training, placement, education, and community resources to individuals with disabilities.

ITKAN is a member-driven professional networking and growth organization with a focus on professionals and aspiring professionals with disabilities within the technology field!

ITKAN is affiliated with the Illinois Technology Foundation – the not-for-profit academic arm of the Illinois Technology Association. We meet face-to-face on the 2nd Thursday of each month from 5-7PM CST at the Microsoft Technology Center in Chicago. Contact Pat Maher at for more information.

Mission: Developing Professionals with Disabilities into Passionate Technology Leaders to Support the Aggressive Adoption of Deep Diversity™

Commitment: Our Members Commit to Support the Mission of ITKAN through their active Participation in monthly meetings, Service on one of our Core Committees (Membership, Communications, Development), and Active Evangelism of Deep Diversity – the Adoption by the Business Community of a Culture of Support for Disability as a Strategic Factor of Diversity in the Workplace.

Aspiration: ITKAN will become the Provider of Choice to the Technology Community for Leading Professionals with Disabilities into focused, high-demand technology support skill sets. Further, ITKAN will be respected as an expert on the interface of Assistive Technology with traditional and evolving UI’s such as mobile devices.

Follow us on Twitter @ITKAN_Chicago and join our LinkedIn group!

The College Internship Program

Service Provider Organization that offers job training, placement, education, and community resources to individuals with disabilities.

The College Internship Program or CIP  is a comprehensive transition program for young adults age 18-26 with autism and other learning differences. CIP supports students as they transition to college and the workplace with locations in Indiana, Massachusetts, Florida, Northern and Southern California.

All students have internships or jobs and live independently in apartments. Students also receive a variety of support in areas including Individual Therapy; Advising; Tutorials; Social Skills and Social Mentoring; Relationship Development Groups; Sensory Integration; Wellness; Executive Functioning; Residential support; career supports, recreational programming, etc.  CIP welcomes part-time and full-time employment opportunities for their students and alumni around the country.

Please visit or call 877-566-9247 for more information.

Donka, Inc.

Service Provider Organization that offers job training, placement, education, and community resources to individuals with disabilities.

Donka, Inc. is a non-profit organization that provides computer training and job readiness services to persons with physical, visual and limited learning disabilities. Through use of computers and assistive technology, our clients become more self-sufficient and independent members of the community.

Computer Training
Donka’s signature computer training program uses cutting-edge assistive technology to train students in Microsoft Office and other business applications that will help them meet their individualized goals of help with school work, employment and/or independent computer usage.

Donka was founded in 1987 by Don Van Haveren, a retired Wheaton businessman, who became friends with residents of the DuPage Convalescent Center where he volunteered. He believed that computer training was the way to increase opportunities for people limited by disabilities. Don’s vision has grown into the only program in the Chicago area that provides free computer training as a means of education leading to employment, and human service leading to more independent living. Many Donka clients are reaching goals they never thought possible.

“I named it DONKA (thank you in Dutch and German) in honor of the thanks I give for Don-Williethe opportunity to work with these extraordinary people who teach me so much each day.”

Founder Don Van Haveren


Employment Options

Service Provider Organization that offers job training, placement, education, and community resources to individuals with disabilities.

Our clients are recipients of Social Security disability benefits (SSDI) and (SSI) and receive our free help to find suitable employment in either Work At Home or community positions in 47 states.

Our services are absolutely FREE to qualified beneficiaries and also all employers who enjoy hiring our pre-screened candidates.

Employment Options is a national Social Security Administration (SSA) Employment Network in the Ticket To Work program. For over 20 years, we have helped 1000’s of our clients successfully return to work.

For over 20 years, we have helped candidates with

  • Assessing skills and abilities
  • Choosing suitable jobs
  • Application completion
  • Preparing a resume
  • Interview practice
  • Final job placement