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Job Seekers: How to Assess Your Job Readiness


Assessing your job seeking skills is an essential first step to finding success in your job search and finding the perfect career! Here's some tips to help you better define what kind of job you are looking for, what specific skills you can offer and how those line up with available jobs, opportunities for improving your resume, and having a great interview.

What to Consider Before Starting Your Job Search

  1. Do you know what skills you have to offer an employer?
  2. Can you match your skills to the requirements of a job you seek?
  3. Can you identify five (5) personal qualities or traits that will help you in the type of work you seek?
  4. Do you know what the responsibilities and tasks are for the job you seek?
  5. Are you aware of and understand the job requirements for your job focus as they relate to your disability?
  6. Is your resume relevant to the type of job you seek?
  7. Does your resume sell your skills and present outcomes that show good working performance in your past positions?
  8. Have you contacted people to ask permission to use their name(s) as a reference?
  9. If you are receiving disability benefits (cash benefits or medical insurance), do you know how working will impact your benefits?

What to Consider About the Potential Workplace Environment

  1. Does your skill level fit with the salary you want to make?
  2. Do you know the top three or four qualities of a good employee?
  3. Do you know the meaning of "good business work ethic" and why it is important?
  4. Is the job(s) you are interested in available in your local labor market? Can you name local employers that commonly hire for the position you are interested in?

What to Consider Before Your Job Interview

  1. Do you have a 30-second summary?
  2. Can you explain your work history, including gaps in employment?
  3. Can you describe how you used your skills in past experiences (paid and unpaid)?
  4. Can you describe how you solved problems or made decisions in previous jobs?
  5. Can you explain your personal qualities that will help you succeed in the job you seek?
  6. Do you know what questions are illegal and how to handle them if they come up in an interview?
  7. Do you know the types of questions and topics to stay away from in an interview?
  8. Do you know if and when to disclose your disability?
  9. Do you know what accommodations you may need and how to ask for them?
  10. Do you have solution(s) to your accommodation needs and can you explain them?
  11. Do you know how to close an interview?

What to Consider About Your Computers & Technology Skills

  1. Are you able to use a computer keyboard?
  2. Can you run basic software applications (word processing, spreadsheets, etc) including specific applications for a particular job you seek?
  3. Can you save and manage files on a computer?
  4. Do you know how to access the Internet and send and receive email messages?
  5. Are your computer skills appropriate for the position you seek?