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Tumblr and Your Job Search

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 I'm going to run a little experiment. I want all of you reading this to ask anyone, anyone at all, the following question: “Hey, have you heard of this website called Tumblr?” What was their response? 

I can almost guarantee that 90% or so of those people you asked, responded with: “What the heck is Tumblr?” 

Tumblr is a micro-blogging website that can best be described (in my opinion) as the child of Facebook (check out the AbilityLinks Facebook Page), MySpace, and Twitter (follow AbilityLinks on Twitter too!). Short posts are shared via your blog, and you can 'reblog' others' posts so they appear on your blog. 

So, how can you, a job-seeker with disabilities, use Tumblr to your advantage?

  • Treat any messages you send like you would a cover letter

That means please, please, please don’t fanboy  /fangirl out and start gushing about how much you love what the person posts, how inspired you are by their drive and the content they put up

  • Have a purely professional account.

If you want another blog to use for your own personal interests, feel free, but it won't be professional! Keep in mind that you can have several blogs under one e-mail address, so you don't need to create a new e-mail account if you don't want to.

  • Post some of your work, if possible.

A great source of posts for your blog can be examples of your work if it's possible for you to post it. Writings, photographs...all kinds of work can be showcased on your blog.

  • Don't be afraid to reach out to people and start networking!

You can't just wait for interested parties to come to you. If you come across a blog you like and you think that the person behind it would be beneficial to you in your job search, go ahead and send them a message! 

 I hope that now you understand Tumblr just a little bit better, and can start using it to help further your carer! If you have questions about Tumblr in general, please let me know!